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General introduction


LICOGI13FC Joint Stock Company, formerly known as LICOGI13 - Construction Foundation Joint Stock Company, has undergone nearly two decades of establishment and development, is one of the leading prestigious brands in the construction industry specializing in providing diverse, total and effective construction solutions for civil, industrial, technical infrastructure, transportation and irrigation projects.

With the motto: "Build reputation - build success", LICOGI13FC always considers customer satisfaction as the motivation to constantly improve itself. We always focus on growing strongly in depth, enhancing competitive advantages in quality, safety, progress with reasonable costs, meeting the increasing requirements of Investors, bringing absolute satisfaction with every product and service we provide.

LICOGI13FC always considers people as the central factor, determining the existence and development of the company. Therefore, we always have preferential policies in recruiting, training and fostering a team of professional, dedicated and experienced staff, building projects that will last over time, contributing to the prosperity of the community and society.

In the coming time, we hope to continue to receive the trust and close cooperation of our customers and partners, to develop sustainably and successfully together.

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